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At the core of Flourish is our desire to bless our cities by stepping into areas of brokenness and bringing hope and healing through the arts.

We partner with artists, churches, & ministry organizations to help them think about how they can steward the arts and use their creative voice to uniquely bless the community around them. Our bless projects are completely supported by Flourish donors and happen at no cost to the partner. We have seen how these bless projects have been able to bring healing and hope to a specific group of people within a community, raise money to fuel ministry, raise awareness and help mobilize volunteers for a purpose, and offer a voice for and outlet for the hurting and broken to connect deeply with the arts.

Past & current bless projects 


Foster Care Instrumental Album

We understand that art holds power and it’s also an avenue for healing, restoration, and hope. For this reason we have been working on an instrumental album in partnership with foster care organizations. Going out to hundreds of families across the area, these songs will be used to help alleviate stress and the effects of trauma in children and also help raise awareness and support for these organizations. We are putting on the finishing touches of this project and will soon be releasing it this year!



Hope Mommies

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Hope Mommies is an organization who’s sole purpose is to come alongside moms and families who have experienced infant loss, bringing comfort, encouragement, companionship and hope as they continued to walk this side of eternity without their beloved son or daughter. We have partnered with this awesome organization creating a collaborative worship album from worship leaders and artists from various churches. This album is distributed in every “hope box” that goes to a grieving family. These songs meet these families in their dark times and point them to christ, bringing them hope when they need it most. If you’d like to listen to the album you can find it on all streaming platforms.



LC Alexander

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In 2011 LC was held up at gunpoint & in that moment realized that he had to turn his life around and turn to his faith. After witnessing George Floyd’s death, LC was filled with frustration and hopelessness. Through prayer and conversation with friends, he was reminded that God has always known people would endure suffering, but in the process of fighting for liberation and reformation, hope is usually lost. LC’s desire is that through the title track, Known Before, and the other songs on his album that God will remind His people that the current pains of this world can’t compare to the glory that’s coming when He returns. Known Before released on November 19, 2020 and is available on all streaming platforms.



Awakening of Faith Mongolia

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We have partnered with Paul & Kathryn, missionaries in Mongolia, to release a worship album in the native Mongolian language that will resource the young and growing church. Less than 2% of people in Mongolia have faith in Christ and the church is growing quickly but is under resourced. Paul & Kathryn’s worship album mill be some of the first quality recorded worship music in the country and will be distributed to various churches for use in congregational worship and also the equipping of worship leaders. This album released in March and is available on all streaming platforms.