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New Here

New Here

Flourish exists to see artists, churches & ministry organizations thrive & bless their communities through the arts. We love to empower those around us to envision a more beautiful reality.

We love to come along side artists, churches and ministries to help them bless their communities through the arts. We want to see artists thriving, encouraged, and empowered to create music that holds the power to reach into areas of brokenness in this world. We also want to be a resource for Churches to sing songs that are meaningful, creative, and accessible - songs that push us forward in our faith and mission.

Here are the primary ways we achieve these goals:

  • We work with worship leaders and church artists to resource the local church with music.
  • We write meaningful, creative, & accessible songs for the local church through our Flourish Music collaborative.
  • We give grants to remove roadblocks to several local artist every year.
  • We do regular House shows to showcase the great music being made in our area.
  • We hold trainings/events to inspire & equip local artists & worship leaders.
  • We collaborate with artists to do yearly “bless projects” that either raise awareness or funds for ministry organizations.

Our Leadership Team

  • Tyler Daniel

    Director / Board Member

  • Jonathan Hunt

    Director of Artist Development

  • Josh Reynolds

    Board Member

  • Chris Mallonee

    Board Member

  • Austin Davidson